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In order the use the LLC service, all an eligible HH Member needs to do is log-in to his Membership account and then go to the BUY SERVICES section.

Here he needs to ensure that he has sufficient ‘Hearts’ (web site credit) in his account to cover the cost of any HEAVENLY HEARTS web site service he wishes to purchase or use e.g. Once a client has ensured that he has a sufficient amount of ‘Hearts’ attached to his account, he can then start using the Lady Live Chat Service to contact ladies.

The Be Happy2day Web Site Terms of Use Agreement (hereafter, “Agreement”) explains the legally binding terms of your use of the Be Happy2web site and your membership in the Be Happy2Service (hereafter, “Service”).

If you wish to become a member of Be, communicate with other members, and/or make use of the Service in any way, you must indicate your acceptance of these Terms of Use by following the instructions in the Registration process.

In order to type-chat with a lady, a client must use the provided Chat window to type messages or send Smilies; which are immediately sent to the lady.