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Dr Stan George has been my ophthalmologist for 15 years.He performed a cornea replacement and conducted regular check-ups since.As the driver turned up Herring Cove Road and they were nearing her address, the woman said he pulled her head towards him and kissed the top of her head, at which she said she immediately felt uncomfortable and tensed up, pulling her head back.

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Houssen Milad, 46, appeared in Halifax provincial court Monday on a sexual assault charge related to an alleged incident in the early hours of June 4, 2016, when the complainant said the Yellow Cab driver taking her home kissed her head and told her she was cute before groping her buttocks.

When Milad took the stand Monday afternoon, defence lawyer Tom Singleton began by asking him about where he lives in Halifax with his family (a wife and three sons), when Milad began crying and breathing in gasps.

They say that this is a hereditary disease and is not treated. Worst of all, I found him very rough for someone who works around peoples' eyes. I thought it was a bit much until he actually put it in - my foot flew up inot the air.. I don't know what he was using but in comparing the two doctors I would NEVER return to Stan George!! George this past week - she's in her 80's and was referred for potential surgery.

This was my mom's first (and only) visit to this doctor.

He shielded his face with the bag multiple times, at one point raising it into the cameras of journalists taking his photo.