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Cherie Sohnen-Moe in her book “The Ethics of Touch” says that ” practitioners must have a thorough understanding of the meaning of the therapeutic relationship; power differential, transference ; counter-transference; projection; repression; and denial.” Much of what is written for the massage profession does not do justice to the extent of the therapeutic relationship and how it can actually influence the success or failure of a massage business.It is also one of the hardest things to learn about just from a book or from massage school.

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Therapeutic progress can be blocked when therapists use their patients, perhaps unconsciously, to fulfill their own needs: to caretake others, to boost weak self esteem and to feel capable and/or powerful.

Nina Mc Intosh in her book “The Educated Heart” says that “boundaries are like protective circles surrounding the professional relationship.

The more that I could stand strong in my vision of working with mainly my “Ideal Clients”, the more clients I got that respected my time and were willing to pay higher rates for my services.

The clearer my values and boundaries, the more successful I became as a massage therapist.

Some examples of simple boundaries you can create are those around things like cancellation policies and fees, hours of operation, creating dual relationships with clients (becoming friends with them or even dating clients), giving advice and sharing personal information.