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If you want to blame someone, you should blame the writer for making the characters and storyline not the way you want, not the actor/actress. Although the meaning of introvert is not portrayed correctly in the drama, you can classify thsi as "shy-introvert" instead. Watch the drama first before making any comment about it. At first it was boring and i had to skip a few scenes because it felt like it was just fillers.

It's just my opinion, I do respect other people's opinion on the drama as everyone has different opinion. :) i dont usually write a review but i think i need to don't listen to those who say that the female lead is super annoying NO SHE'S NOT i wasn't even annoyed even a bit 1. to have someone to listen and understand what our heart think is just so damn hard. Then in the middle I felt excited and thrilled but it got boring again when I expected it to be the climax.

When the actor/actress managed to make you hate the character that they portrayed, you know they've done a good job.

The first 5 episodes will be hard to go through in the beginning for me, but the rest of the episodes is really worth it.

Congrats, this is the first drama that I hate female lead after watch it for 10 minutes. but its just sometimes the female leads attitude was something like walking into the office of your boss. Everytime I see her in the screen, I always end up crying. Always having to smile in front of everyone was slowly killing her inside.