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He’s got this strength that he can’t control but as the series progresses I think you’ll see more of his demonic state. The female has always been secondhand but now it’s all about the female protagonist. I like a woman who is strong, knows what she wants, and is creative. You know, “first world problems.” That really gets me. I just think that in America the whole culture of Valentine’s Day and special celebrations are a bit more focused on than back home. I had done a lot of theatre at the time, so I found his work kind of interesting. It was this place called Piha, which is a beautiful black sand and volcanic beach.As both the audience and Catherine discover more about him, we’ll see if that pulls her closer or pushes her away. The art of clowning goes a long way back, you know. We got this beach shack right on the beach, on the sand and the water.There's plenty of TV opportunities to find happiness through true love, although Sexy Beasts, a bonkers new BBC3 programme is unlikely to be of much help.

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Scott's unusually long list of dating no-nos included girls wearing "cheap leggings" or riding a bicycle: "I just hate girls on push bikes. He'd been made up to look like Frankenstein's monster, but the most unattractive thing about him was still his line in religion-themed chat-up lines.

The CW heartthrob and his longtime girlfriend Dianna Fuemana welcomed their first child together, a daughter named Eve..months ago! We hired a beautiful villa in the Hollywood Hills and spent time as a family so everyone could get to meet her."In an interview with E!

After all, Belle faces the same dilemma in the story, as she falls in love with the Beast before his transformation back to human form.

Which brought Watson to comment: 'There's something a bit sad about when he transforms.

She started calling me hottie of the week that week, so make me win again so she keeps calling me hottie of the week!