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I didn't realise she was wearing a wig at the time and when she answered the phone she got an earful of this stuff but it also got all over the wig! One Friday we were going to shoot until four in the morning, so Josh gets the director's keys from the teamster and fills the director's car with computers and stuff taken from the set.

That was the one time where I thought, "Oh, I've gone too far. Then we wrap at four and this poor, exhausted guy heads out and as we're leaving the studio, we see the Burbank police are there and they've arrested the director!

I'm actually about to get fired." Because we had to shut down production while they figured out what the hell to do with her hair on the next take. And that's just funny for Josh, that's Josh having fun.

A couple of years ago, I got calls from agents, managers, lawyers – everybody's calling me like, "Are you alright? " And I'm like, "Yeah, I'm fine." Josh had started a Twitter account in my name and had me on this drunken binge, you know, wondering if I really am attracted to women. Brad Whitford's one of those really touchy guys: huggy, touchy, always massaging someone.

I was always reading books on the set and he would tear the last few pages out of them!