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As you begin to use the new Power View reporting feature that is available with the Reporting Services 2012 integration in Share Point 2010 one of the things that you will need to assess is how you are going to allow the users to access the reports.What are the different options that you have when providing access to the Power View report files (rdlx) in Share Point?

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Silverlight xap not updating

I will replace the right parenthesis with nothing and apply that change. I am going to quick browse the values just to verify this and wouldn’t you know, I found one more item that needs to be evaluated.

I filtered for just the records with the 2011/I values and one record is displayed for “The Artist”.

The structure of the file looks something like this: I did some investigation, and discovered that MDT lacks the ability to display Friendly names in the Domain OU selection on the dialog box. First we introduce a new set of functions: Function Add Item To Machine Object OUOpt(item) Add Item To Machine Object OUOpt Ex item, item End function Function Add Item To Machine Object OUOpt Ex(item,value) Dim o Option set o Option = document.create Element("OPTION") o Option. Then later on we modify the code to read the Domain OUList.xml: i Ret Val = o Utility.

Find File( "Domain OUList.xml" , s Found File) if i Ret Val = SUCCESS then For each o Item in o Utility.

Create XMLDOMObject Ex( s Found File ).select Nodes("//Domain OUs/Domain OU") if o Item.