Dating to exclusive

But such is the folly of an anonymous letter-writer who wonders to My girlfriend and I have been going out for six months.At about the three-month mark, she started raising the issue of dating exclusively. ) Recently, I almost hooked up with a girl I met at yoga, and would have if she hadn’t backed out.Then you’ll never know if he’s really off drooling over some girl during downward-facing dog while you’re abstaining from the Netflix show you promised you’d watch together.

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But that’s the kind of thing you really need to decide in advance, and think through carefully: Are you cool with your partner taking home the occasional yoga hottie of their own? ” (Confessing your aborted hookup strikes me as needlessly provocative.

Back at , Galanes tells Anonymous to tell his lady friend a sugar-coated version of the truth: “Talk to your girlfriend right away,” he writes. It would be the only thing she hears, and it’s beside the point.

The other person gets all starry-eyed, and there you are, backing away slowly, terrified of being bound too soon.

But this is why there are so many perfectly great vague, date-like but commitment-phobic ways to describe a relationship wherein one or both parties are not ready for the more traditional language: Hanging out, hooking up, chilling, dating, “dating partner.”What’s more, most people seem to know in about a month whether they want to get serious with someone.

Personally, I tend to think that if you’ve been dating someone regularly for a couple of months and they’re not ready to commit to an exclusive relationship with you, they probably never will be.