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Although I mentioned in a previous post that I think people can have happy and successful relationships with sociopaths and narcissists, I do think that there are ways to manage their behavior or to help them manage their own behavior.Here is my response to the previous post: Yes, your friend sounds like a sociopath or narcissist.

You should actually be hoping for sociopath at this point, because they are much easier to reason with. They don't think they are different than empaths, just better: less likely to be duped, a leader among mere mortals, that type of thing.

They like situations where other people are dependent on them, whereas sociopaths like people to be enslaved to them.

Many have commented since that sociopaths seem to have no particular sexual identity, that even the term bisexual is misleading as it implies some sort of a preference, albeit a shared one, and that "equal opportunity" is a more apt label.

In fact, the sociopath seems to be the bonobo of the human world -- frequent, casual, utilitarian sex.

We do not have an established default position on anything.