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In the end she got in because of CQN and because the king thought she was a spy , sent her to some unknown palace…EP 11-12 So, CQN had to leave the Lu home because she technically lied to the king and also to make sure no one ever finds out.So after a lot of HOOHUH on CQN and MD r/s and how in the end they couldn’t get married, CQN’s mum died in order to save the Lu family who got into trouble because of CQN & MD r/s since MD was wanted by the court.

Otw, she met up with hai tian who hated her because she caused the deaths of his family. That’s how they start their getting to know each other process. Hai tian and CQN get to know each other better as CQN continues staying with him as she finds out the harm she brought to him and feels bad.

He got her drunk and sold her for nothing to the brothel. HT later gets followers on his side and all of them set off leaving CQN and his dad together.

And I don’t know if Chinese Dramas are like this, but each episode ends very abruptly…

They didn’t meet for 20 years and when they finally met, it’s really hard for them to get used to each other.

i first heard about spring awakening, i thought of benign, sunny meadows full of blossoming flowers with some schoolchildren skipping scene is witnessed by fang wei, who has finally gathered up his courage to pursue xia tian.