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It has homeschooled/prairie skirt wearing/seventh grade girl written all over it. The mixer available to mere mortals (sinners) is just regular simple every day orange. I usually don’t care much for ‘celebrity cookwear’ because it seems like their names usually get put on the crappiest products around.

The PW mixer, available only to a select few Winners (solidifying their place in heaven), is Custom Orange. You know, the other day when I went to look at that ‘poke in the eye’ mixer on her blog, I could have sworn she said that the orange was a custom color that Kitchen Aid whipped up just for her. For example, when Paula Deen was first getting really big, Walmart stuck her name on some combination toaster/coffee maker/egg fryer thing that was just a piece of crap.

Now, though, I’m wondering whether I’ll be forever banned from wearing any sheer blouse or sleeveless shirt.

Am I destined to wear collared shirts for the next thirty years of work? We haven’t talked about tattoos in the workplace for years, so let’s revisit the subject.

Tagged as: pioneer woman, pioneer woman fans, pioneer woman giveaway, pioneer woman mixer, pioneer woman sucks, pioneer woman tv show, pw sucks, pw sux ” PW desperately wanted a cooking show and designed the Lodge with that in mind. Imagine the buyer’s remorse once a reebot brings that ugly mixer home and realizes they are stuck with it for the next twenty years.

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