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Meine Nummer wählen, Pin eingeben und Sofort geil wichsen mit den Boys.

Du Willst die strammen Eier voll, Ich befriedige dich mit Boys zum Gaysex am Telefon.

There’s a mutual benefit, such as I get to have sex with you and you get to do my laundry. On page 421 of the well-respected , we learn that “Because they’re in competition for women, men tend to hang out with others similar to themselves.” That is, you don’t want friends who are vastly better looking, funnier, and smarter than yourself, because they’ll get all the girls.

And to a Japanese guy, that may be you, especially if you speak English and wear your eagle-print t-shirt while clutching a cheeseburger in one hand and your pistol in the other. Conversely, guys don’t want to hang out with dorks either, because that’s like wearing a bad hat, and again, no girls. Still, there’s plenty of people willing to hang out with you, because they want “foreign friends.” Anyone will do, so long as they’re foreign.

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