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The CBRN will then mail your fingerprint card to the Department of Justice who will run the fingerprints and report back to CBRN.It’s important to note that during the aforementioned crisis, many nurses have experienced major delays in receiving a fingerprint card from the CBRN.I’ve experienced several cases in which the nurse’s fingerprint was smudged and therefore unreadable by the DOJ’s fingerprinting system.

You will go somewhere that provides fingerprinting services, like a local police station, where you will be fingerprinted the old fashioned way.

You will then mail the fingerprint cards back to CBRN along with all the other required documentation (discussed below).

Some have commented on this blog that they are using the standard fingerprinting card that can be obtained at any fingerprinting location.

Basically, the cards sent from California are the standard cards.

A large population means more hospitals and more potential travel nursing jobs.