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And who, lately, has become the subject of a new kind of scrutiny (a reality hammered home by the paparazzi who somehow made it near the shoot's remote location).

But neither those distractions nor the reality of that ticking clock gets in the way of her checking in on, well, everything: “Have the dancers been fed?

Twigs’ mother, a former dance teacher and gymnast, used to hide her daughter under the DJ booth at salsa nights, and kept copies of under her bed for twigs to pore over (to this day, she still makes costumes for twigs).

Her stepfather—“a jazz fanatic” whose “musical collection is incredible,” she explains—exposed her to eclectic sounds early on.

Due to her own airtight schedule, the shoot needs to be completed in a single day, and the video needs to be finished—as in, shot, edited, and ready to ship for the entire universe to see on the You Tube Music Awards—in less than seven days. In two hours, the crew starts charging the production triple rate. This doesn’t escape the woman born Tahliah Barnett, who, at 27, has already been compared to everyone from Björk to Prince.