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Back to top If you are looking for well-educated, successful men who take care of themselves, you have found the right list!

These guys enjoy staying ahead of the curve and buying the most up-to-date electronics and big ticket items, gym memberships and spa treatments, gourmet meals and fine wine, designer clothing and shoes, expensive watches and accessories, luxury and sport vehicles, and international vacations.

Lower on this page you can find a geographical mapping of the location of the website.

About us We are a small team of enthusiastic programmers.

Whether they typically attend 2-3 events in a month or just a few per year, they have enough discretionary income to spend on these once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

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    "Romantic desire may well be more like an earthquake, involving a dynamic and chaos-like process, than a chemical reaction involving the right combination of traits and preferences." University of Utah. A magic formula to predict attraction is more elusive than ever: Study finds machine learning can predict aspects of attraction, but not the perfect soul mate." Science Daily.

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    Peele took to the stage to accept the awards and told the audience that The International Film Music Critics Association (IFMCA) has revealed their awards nominations for the 2017 film year.

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    It is usually entirely off-topic and has nothing to do with their so-called expertise in “life,” So, you’ll find that a lot of life coaches are also experts in picking up girls, creating a business online, social media or life coaching itself, whatever the fuck that means. You’ve already taken the FIRST step to re-discovering the core of your very being simply because you told me what you just said.

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