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Within the next five years the Vaughan organization would have sixteen salaried quartets on the road promoting the company’s products. Baxter had been managing a branch office in Texarkana, Texas for another music publisher, the A. At its peak the station boasted a one-million-watt transmiter,and a directional antenna that saturated the air waves of all points north.

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In 1952, a twenty-one-year-old redheaded Okie piano player, named Easmon Napier, joined the Stamps organization in Dallas, Texas to work with the Harley Lester Stamps Quartet.

Easmon Lloyd Napier had been born on June 29, 1931 in Tuskohoma, Oklahoma.

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In addition, we have compiled the most comprehensive discography ever assembled with regard to the recordings of the group.

M.” Bartlett, who is best remembered for his classic gospel composition, “Victory In Jesus.” By age fourteen Easmon was teaching for the Hartford organization. Through the years his dry wit endeared him to audiences across the country.