Dating crime

“If you’re looking to find love, you can take sensible precautions too, so you can feel confident when you think you’ve met someone nice via dating site or app – in fact, when dating online you can actually do more checks find out who that person is that you’re talking to.” Check out the full report here. Originally from Bracknell, she is studying Communication & Media at Bournemouth University.

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In total, 32 police forces in England, Northern Ireland and Wales responded to the investigation.

Of these forces, the Freedom of Information investigation found that between 20, there were 1,795 crimes linked to online dating apps.

called for caution when online dating — such as meeting in public places and having protected sex.

A recent investigation by The Sun looked at police crime data across the UK in an effort to find out the extent of a link between online dating and crime.

The Sun also broke down the percentages of the dating services named in this crime data, finding that Plenty of Fish was the service linked to most reported crimes.