Signs dating player

You can go through the courtship, meeting the parents, and a signed document of your intentions before being in a relationship.And you can also date him for a decade and still not be “official.” This is great for people who don’t want to be tied down by rules, but it’s a huge pain for those who are expecting a little more stability in the relationship.

] #2 Meeting the parents and close friends is off-limits or has never been brought up.

Let’s say you’ve been dating for a few months now, but you’ve never actually met his family and/or friends. Don’t you think that’s just a bit off, considering you should at least be at that stage where you’ve met his high school and college buddies?

#3 The guy you’re dating only remembers you when he wants to have sex.

This is the most obvious red flag you have to watch out for.

[Read: 10 guys you should quit dating if you want real love] Signs you won’t be his girlfriend There’s no surefire way to know if you won’t be in a serious relationship with the guy you’re seeing.