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Their very existence proves that sheer willpower — the will to mold their environments, and themselves, to their advantage — can mean the difference between being the father in this young man’s story and being a better man his son would be proud to call dad.

Stories like the above show that betaness is not solely, or even primarily, a genetic curse. Unless he is willing to change, he will only continue to infect you with his beta loser stench.

****** I really don’t know who else i could write to about this. but when this half-baked early 20’s asian in skater jeans and ray ban corrective glasses doesn’t bring us our food until we ask about it a half hour later, and still gets it wrong, and then continues to delay most of our food we have to leave before we get to eat the half of it.

My father isn’t the most assertive man, I’ve come to realize.

Today’s post is about a certain aspect of a Capoeira Angola game.