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One resident objected: 'This is not a shed - this is a large four metre structure which is tantamount to a flagrant attempt at encroachment.

This is a cynical application and if more space is required by this family I suggest they purchase a bigger house.'Cumberbatch and his wife Sophie Turner bought the three-storey, five-bedroom Victorian mansion in Camden, in April 2015 but have yet to move in due to ongoing works.

Benedict Cumberbatch is an English film, television, theatre and voice actor, producer and co-founder of production company Sunny March Ltd. Let us examine Benedict Cumberbatch's dating history below...

And from her description, he’s as meticulous with his method as Mr Holmes himself. So, what are the thoughts on Katia to publicly laying claim to Benedict?

Katia, who is the Russian model some celeb sites have been linking romantically with the Sherlock star, is appearing in a portmanteau production at the Platform Theatre called Sunstroke, which comprises Anton Chekhov’s The Lady With the Dog and Ivan Bunin’s Sunstroke. He asks me all about what my character wears, and even how she dresses her daughter. I do believe that’s exactly what she’s doing – she’s making sure that everyone knows that they’re “together,” especially drunk redheads who maybe got to spend time with Little Batch over the weekend.

"I want to be a serious actress so I need all the guidance I can get.

Benedict is very supportive and gives me lots of tips," continues Elizarova.

I have just got my script and began rehearsals."Talking about her friend's classes, she continued: "Ben has been a great help, but he is very strict.