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" The workers are mostly young and African American, and the videos they're pushing are almost exclusively of twentysomething white girls. Francis serves in many of the videos as a playboy host, surrounded by members of the opposite sex who appear to be titillated by his presence. One girl, surrounded by her friends, explains, "I'm ready and willing, and I'm a dirty slut." For "Spring Break 2005," Francis and his crew prowled the beaches of Miami, South Padre Island, Cancún and other sunny destinations.

They filmed women not just taking off their tops but taking it all off, and having sex with one another.

Then Francis moved on, releasing the first "Girls Gone Wild" in 1998.

But when he pushes through the double doors, his employees gasp. Wow, I love your work," says one flabbergasted young man who passes him in the hall.

Francis smiles uneasily and doesn't stop as the man keeps muttering, "Wow.

The effort, he says, is not about his ego but about selling his product.

"Everything that gets covered in my name drives the business," he says. You have to play the image up." Francis, who grew up in Laguna Beach and went to USC, got his start in the gritty world of reality television, working as a production assistant on "Real TV," a syndicated show of home-video bloopers.

He has my face pressed against the hood of a car, my arms twisted hard behind my back.