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This pudding looks really impressive when it’s set in a fluted ring mould.

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Like all great slow-cooked dishes, beef rendang calls for meat with a bit of fat through it – it will become succulent, soft and absolutely delicious.

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This laksa combines fresh ingredients with a commercial laksa paste, meaning a lot of the prep work is done for you.

To make this recipe even easier, place the garnishes in the centre of the table, allowing diners to assemble their laksa to taste.

Over the centuries, the Malay Peninsula saw ships arriving from the Middle East, India, Europe, China and Indonesia.

This resulted in a melting pot of culture and cuisine that has managed to retain its own unique flavour to this day.

The best known example in Australia is the popular spicy noodle soup laksa, of which there are two main types, curry laksa and asam laksa.