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The anthropological sciences occasionally have to deal with something which has a profound but unexpected impact on our understanding of human origins. Science is duty bound by definition to explain the unexplained, yet in 2016 some people...

For thousands of years, people all over the ancient world claimed to have the powers of foresight.

Read More From legends of Bigfoot to films like Mighty Joe Young, humans seem to have a fascination with giant ape-like creatures.

This leads to the question of whether stories about giant apes have a basis in... A better question would be why has mainstream science failed to put the question to the test?

The skull was discovered during excavation of a necropolis containing 18 burials, in a tomb belonging to a woman who clearly held a high status position in society as she was buried with a rich assortment of treasures including gold pins, a silver mirror, beads of glass and amber, a comb made from deer antler and a number of other goods.